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May 5, 2008
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.:When They Cry:. for Satou by ellana .:When They Cry:. for Satou by ellana
Unless your name is Satou, please don't take this image. D=

Okay... this is actually mixed media... it's markers and paint AND a lot of digital work. The photograph of the moon came from Rooter at the Stock Xchange ( here: [link] ). I put it under traditional because that's where I started. Took... meh, on and off yesterday evening and this afternoon.

Left to right are Satoko, Rika, Rena, and Mion from Higurashi no Naka Koro Ni (or When They Cry). I drew this for :iconsatouberri: because I owe her a birthday present from last year and because she and :iconjisu: got me into the series. Actually, some people at school did too. It's pretty bloody in parts, but it's interesting psychologically. It's kind of like Death Note meets Haruhi meets moe/harem anime? I dunno. I hear season two is a little more tame. I've only seen season one so far.

For the record, my favorite characters are Shion and Akasaka (lawl, Akasaka. No, his first name isn't Keiichiro).

Hope you like it? ^^;

Characters (c) Higurashi.
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:iconrenalaughplz: Kewl! :iconhigurashiplz:
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Little girls getting crucified what's not to love
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That show was INSANE !!!! It was the scariest anime I ever seen !
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is there a fan site for when they cry/higurashi?
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By Jove! This is simply spectacular! =D

You like Anime? (Of course you bloody do! ^^) Well, I’ve just found a Anime mix music video played to the background of a song named: ‘Tell me why’

Trust me, it melted my heart and sent a shiver down my spine when I first heard it. Just listen to the lyrics. It will do something for you believe me. It almost made me cry, and I haven’t cried in years! Turning up the volume is advisable.

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thats awesome!!=]
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This is so gorgeous~
Amazing work!
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Random question, what age group would ou recomend it for ? I want to watch it, but, you know... Good peice btw!
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